What is zinc plating, and what are the benefits?

Spark May 17, 2021

At Lincoln Industries, we offer zinc plating for many projects and parts, from nuts, bolts, brackets to other essential and unique products.

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5S | Continuous Improvement Process

Spark Mar 31, 2021

5S is about sustained workplace organization and discipline. It is a continuous process and an on-going management tool involving everyone from the area.

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Total Wellbeing | Evolve

Wellness Mar 9, 2021

“A healthy workforce extends beyond our organization. We can be more innovative and do more for our customers because of our commitment to wellness.”

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A Leader in Wheel Assembly

Business Feb 24, 2021

The team innovated a semi-automatic process and a machine that positions parts exactly where they need to be every time.

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ERP Integration Creates Enterprise-Wide Synergies

Business Feb 19, 2021

An integrated enterprise resource planning system created synergies throughout all business areas.

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Branded Products: A Source of Exceptional Growth

Business Feb 18, 2021

Lincoln Chrome and Khrome Werks found new ways to operate successfully during a challenging year.

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The First of its Kind

Spark Dec 9, 2020

This robotic cell is the first of its kind and impressively packages 300 pieces per minute.

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A Cutting Edge Project with an Exciting Brand

Spark Nov 9, 2020

A manufacturing company and a software company brought together a unique project that has built an incredible partnership.

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PACCAR Partnership

Newsletter Mar 18, 2020

Lincoln Industries celebrated an exceptional milestone in the company’s history in October.

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Establishing Lab Excellence

Spark Oct 31, 2019

We are establishing long term goals to understand the differences of the control systems at all locations from analytical labs to calibration to documentation to control methods.

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