Ignite - a continuous improvement program sees massive success

This article was featured in our September 2016 Catalyst newsletter.

320 project submissions. 140 project completions. 600 passionate people.

Since Lincoln Industries launched its Ignite program in January of this year it has seen an overwhelming amount of excitement for projects that focus on improving the processes, supplies, materials and equipment we use every day.

Like Green Belt, Ignite is a proposal system that follows the DMAIC thought process, (Define,

Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) a philosophy of identifying a problem and using various methodologies to identify the best solution. The program is also another avenue for recognizing our people for the work they do to provide better services to our customers.

It’s a simple, easily accessible process to submit and complete projects that result in quality, productivity and safety improvements. It also taps into the competitiveness that is a part of our culture.

Normally unseen leaders within the company are now recognized and teams come together to tackle problems they are passionate about. It’s igniting passion within our company and resulting in value for our customers.

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