Introducing Jim Dutmer, Global Sourcing Manager

This article was featured in our September 2016 Catalyst newsletter

Jim Dutmer’s many roles at Lincoln Industries have taught him how sourcing is a key component in providing the best possible products and services on time.

“Our success in managing complex supply chains has been a longlasting strength of Lincoln Industries,” said Dutmer. “And as our customer demands have changed, our sourcing strategy has changed to meet their needs.”

Dutmer has held many operations, account management and customerservice leadership roles prior to being named global sourcing manager in 2010.

“Lincoln Industries is providing customers with many new products and services and it isn’t always metal,” he said. “Today, our supply base expands world-wide and we depend on it to provide our customers with innovative solutions to make them successful.”

Dutmer believes strong relationships have made Lincoln Industries sourcing strategy successful.

“We work together to provide the best value for our customer,” he said. “We create an environment of mutual respect between us and our suppliers. We rely on our supply base to provide input on how we can improve our processes, because they are closest to the work.”

Trust also plays a role in success, he said.

“Problems occur and how you handle those problems makes all the difference,” said Dutmer. “We rely on our suppliers to help identify solutions, because they are a part of our team.”

Dutmer understands that Lincoln Industries’ growth strategy using innovative technologies also creates unique challenges.

“With growth comes the need for the talent to fuel our innovation goals,” he said. “We have assembled a strong group of people with great talent.

And we will continue to expand our talent base to help better serve customers.”

Away from work, Dutmer has a long-lasting passion for riding motorcycles. He and his two sons just returned from his 14th trip to Sturgis. He and his wife, Kathy, have an athletic family. Their three grown children all received athletic scholarships.

Their daughter Amy, a basketball scholarship at Kansas State University; their son Paul, earned a football scholarship at the University of Nebraska-Kearney; and their son, Dan, a football scholarship at University of Wyoming.

“It made for some interesting pick-up basketball games,” said Jim. “They were a little rough on dad at times, but always a lot of fun.”

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