Understanding heat management from the customer's point of view

This article was featured in our September 2016 Catalyst newsletter

Heat management isn’t just about making things stay cool. It’s about much more. This is something Director, Technology/Innovation, John Wilson, clearly understands.

Since he joined Lincoln Industries in May, he has worked with the innovation team to ensure that they are looking at heat management with a unique, yet practical perspective.

“There are many common heat management challenges across the industries we serve,” said Wilson. “There are elements of rider comfort, safety, performance and functionality.”

Lincoln Industries’ innovation team takes the same approach with heat management problems as they do with any other, starting with a clear understanding of the customer’s point of view.

“We believe strongly in working upstream,” said Wilson. “We like to talk with customers as soon as they are aware of a heat management challenge. We look at the vehicle or system and use data collection instruments to gather and analyze data. It’s all a part of our process and helps us to understand what potential solutions to apply.”

Wilson believes that what sets Lincoln Industries apart in the heat management space is its customer focused mindset.

“We don’t develop technology for technology’s sake,” he said. “We develop technology in response to problems our customers face. We are creating solutions to help them be more successful. As a result, we are starting to engage with large OEM’s in the early phases of product design. Our goal is to be a good partner and deliver on solutions.”

He also understands the importance of responsiveness when working with customers to develop new solutions.

“Our responsiveness is unique,” said Wilson. “We gather data and use virtual tools to test various concepts and ideas to shorten the development cycle. This allows us to provide

potential solutions rapidly and at a lower cost.”

Wilson says Lincoln Industries covers a broad area in terms of solutions. Many companies that work in heat management or only insulation or only coatings. We are fortunate to have a variety of expertise within the organization that allow us to combine multiple technologies for a uniquely customized solution.

Radiant barriers, thermal coatings, surface finishes, insulation, shielding, covers, and metallurgy are just a few examples of technologies leveraged by Lincoln Industries in solving customer’s challenges. Also leveraged, is Lincoln Industries’ large supply base.

“We have a wide reach in the marketplace,” said Wilson. “We can subcontract and partner with other organizations. We also have a credible history in other markets and a supply base that is well equipped to serve our customers.”

Wilson speaks highly of the innovation team and its experience.

“They have experience on the factory floor and in other departments,” he said. “They have an orientation toward practical problem solving and a natural curiosity that allows us to develop technologies that are unique.”

Most importantly, the innovation team understands the synergies between Lincoln Industries and its customers and how these commonalities build lasting relationships.

“It is challenging to do business with strangers and easier to work with people and companies you know and trust.” said Wilson. “We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and work partners.”

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