A Cutting Edge Project with an Exciting Brand

Two miles stand between Lincoln Industries and Hudl in Lincoln, Nebraska. A manufacturing company and a software company brought together a unique project that has built an incredible partnership.

Founded in 2006, Hudl revolutionized the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. They offer a complete suite of products that empower more than 160,000 global sports teams at every level to gather insights with video and data. One of Hudl's most recent developments, the Hudl Focus smart camera, came to fruition in large part due to the partnership with Lincoln Industries.

This relationship began with Lincoln Industries' acquisition of neighbor SourceOne. Having explored the sheet metal and stamping capabilities at SourceOne, it made sense for Hudl's leaders to tour Lincoln Industries' Nebraska facility to see the additional offerings and explore the company as a whole.

The design teams from Hudl, Lincoln Industries, and SourceOne collaborated on a design that would encapsulate the look and manufacturability desired. The original Hudl Focus designs were attractive but challenging to manufacture at scale. SourceOne Project Engineer, Ross Young, came up with multiple models focused on a design that could be manufactured to accomplish Hudl's vision. "Given the enormous success Hudl has had with other product offerings, we knew we needed to develop a solution that could be produced in substantial quantities while maintaining the desired look," said Young.

The camera units' fabrication begins with sheet metal bent to the enclosure's shape and then assembled at Lincoln Industries. The camera units, mounts, and wall bracketry are manufactured at SourceOne.

The nature of Hudl's business is fast-moving and ever-evolving, which required the team at Lincoln Industries to be extremely responsive and reactive with design changes to improve the project. Because of the close relationships with Hudl's team, communication was always clear, which aided in a successful launch of the Hudl Focus.

Vice President of Business Development Brandon Rigoni says, "This partnership is a great one because we're able to support a local company who is doing amazing things and building a great brand. There are no limits to what Hudl can accomplish as software technology advances, and the company moves into hardware and other areas."