PACCAR Partnership

Lincoln Industries celebrated an exceptional milestone in the company’s history in October. A ribbon-cutting ceremony formally launched an automated tube bender in partnership with PACCAR who produces Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks.

“We are pleased that eight executives from PACCAR joined us for our celebration,” said Chairman and CEO Marc LeBaron. “The evolution of our partnership with PACCAR has been remarkable.”

Lincoln Industries began as a Tier II plating supplier for PACCAR, then vertically integrated tubing products and invented unique coating applications to provide additional parts. 

“As a result of our commitment to serving PACCAR with excellence, Lincoln Industries has become firmly positioned as a long term supplier,” says LeBaron.

Lincoln Industries’ tube fabrication capabilities broadened through the acquisition of their Minnesota location in 2015 and the expansion of their Airpark facility in 2019. 

The process for the new tube bender begins with a 20-foot-long steel or stainless steel tube in diameters of four to five inches. The tubing then goes through a number of operations including cutting, bending, swedging, with a major percentage needing nickel chrome plated. Lincoln Industries is the only company that is fully integrated with large diameter tube exhaust business, offering fabrication, polishing, plating and insulation coatings from one company. 

Lincoln Industries’ success is the result of a focus on quality and delivery, according to LeBaron. “Performing at a high level is always important,” he said, “especially for our work with PACCAR. If our experience tells us anything, it’s that we must continue to improve. With the people we have working in our truck value stream, I believe our future is bright. Today, one-third of Lincoln Industries’ people impact our success serving our truck customers. I am proud to recognize all of them for their success.”

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