Introducing Jason Louden, Product Design Lead, Khrome Werks division

His keen eye for design and detail, unparalleled creativity and thirst for adventure make Jason Louden an unrivaled member of the Khrome Werks team.

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Jason has managed to keep the twin cities his home base throughout his 23 years in the automotive, motorsports and motorcycle industries. Still based out of his office in downtown Minneapolis, Jason now serves as Product Design Lead for Khrome Werks, Lincoln Industries’ aftermarket motorcycle division.

“As an industrial designer, I’m in a profession that combines visual arts and engineering,” Louden said. “It’s a hybrid role that includes as much creativity as logic.”

In arguably one the most unique roles in the company, Louden sees his remote location as a compliment the creativity required for his work.

“One of the benefits of working remotely is that I’m able to separate myself from manufacturing restrictions and company norms that can stifle innovation and creativity during the initial design phase. This allows me to shoot for the moon and then scale back my ideas as we mature through the process and develop a product that’s designed for manufacturability.”

Louden began working with Khrome Werks, before it was acquired by Lincoln Industries, as a consultant 11 years ago. In May of 2016 Louden was hired full time.

“I’ve worked with the Khrome Werks team for many years,” Louden said. “Khrome Werks has a long history of building quality, good fitting and high performing products. With Lincoln Industries now on board we can offer new coating technologies and innovative products to the motorcycle industry. Together, we’ve been able to find the sweet spot between tradition, heritage and innovation.”

Equally as interesting as his work is Louden’s passion for adventure and exploration.

“I’ve had the travel bug since I was young,” Louden said. “I love experiencing new cultures and seeing other people’s views of the world. I do a lot of trekking, mountain biking and scuba diving. My most recent trip was to Vietnam last August. I spent a month mountain trekking, caving, sleeping in hammocks and riding motorcycles down the coast.”

His travels, along with his 15 years spent in competitive motorcycle racing allow Jason to take on every project with a unique and fearless point of view.

“Each day I get to create compelling new products and watch those ideas and the hard work associated with them come to fruition. I love being a part of the enthusiasm that comes with new product roll outs and the consumer excitement that quickly follows. There is nothing like it.”