Lincoln Industries Environmental Commitment

In 1972, Lincoln Industries was faced with a grueling decision. Close its doors or invest in nearly one million dollars of water treatment equipment to meet the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Water Act. To be successful long term, this investment was looked at as a commitment to the community and environment. The importance of that has never dwindled.

The original goal of the Clean Water Act was to eliminate untreated waste water from municipal and industrial sources and to make waterways safe for swimming and fishing. Due to the nature of Lincoln Industries business in plating highly cosmetic parts, clean water is very important to the plating process.

Ensuring the cosmetic look of the parts Lincoln Industries electroplates requires a special grade filtered water to clean the part. During the plating and washing process, metal inevitably comes off the parts into the water contaminating it. Lincoln Industries waste water treatment equipment functions like a water softener to remove the harsh chemicals prior to sending it back to the city.

2018 marked the company’s 15th year of perfect compliance for wastewater treatment.

“The Lincoln Wastewater Treatment System samples us 16 weeks throughout each year and there are seven metals that must be within compliance,” said Director of Environmental Programs Rick Dickey. The water we discharge is coming in 90% below requirement. We’ve surpassed it so regularly that the city is now only requiring us to provide one sample per quarter. That’s a huge testament to the company’s dedication to clean water.”

Environmental excellence is established in one of Lincoln Industries core drivers: environmental responsibility is our commitment to our communities. Their dedication of clean water isn’t where the company’s contributions end. In 2000, Lincoln Industries became ISO 14000 certified turning attention to reducing electrical usage and fuel while also focusing on recycling steel, cardboard, plastics, copper, and other materials.

“ISO 14000 has given us a blueprint to document everything we do so we have a consistent way of doing business.” says Dickey. “We know our procedures and it has helped us establish emergency plans to ensure we are able to withstand natural disasters.”

Lincoln Industries follows an environmental policy: G-R-E-E-N which stands for: Goals and Objectives, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Environmental Commitment, Empowering our People, Now and in the Future. This policy encompasses Lincoln Industries devotion to the environment, people, and customers.

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