Lincoln Industries Culture of Wellness

Standing at 14,440-feet, as the second highest summit in the continental United States, is Mount Elbert near Leadville, Colorado. On July 22, 2018, 160 of Lincoln Industries’ people embarked on a trek to reach its summit. The annual Platinum mountain climb is the pinnacle of wellness success for many people at Lincoln Industries. Though it is regularly the highlight of wellness journeys, it’s only one of the numerous ways that Lincoln Industries invests in wellness.

Lincoln Industries is no stranger to finding innovative ideas to best support people in living a healthy lifestyle. A core belief states: wellness and healthy lifestyles are important to our success. In 1977, Lincoln Industries launched its wellness program and over the last 40 years has continually invested in its culture of wellness.

“To have a successful wellness culture, you have to invest in the entire person, which is why we built an on-site health clinic in Lincoln, HealthyU,” says Vice President of People Resources Kassy Knudson. “As one of the first in the city we’ve seen other companies replicate our model. You know you’re doing something right when other exceptional businesses follow suit.”

In addition to the on-site health clinic, Lincoln Industries offers lifestyle coaching methods and a 24-hour gym, HealthyU Fit.

“People set real goals, like lowering cholesterol or blood sugar, and we help hold them accountable,” says Knudson.

Wellness programs have become increasingly popular for businesses as they seek to lower health-insurance costs, aim to appeal to younger generations, and boost recruiting efforts, but for Lincoln Industries, the motivation is deeper. Happier and healthier people not only feel better at home and at work, but they’re more productive too. Wellness brings a positive, can-do attitude with improved problem solving and fewer sick days.

“We do see our investment in wellness pay dividends,” says Knudson. “Lincoln Industries annual healthcare costs are well below the average of other employers in the same region.” 

Lincoln Industries has created an environment that addresses the total well-being of its people, including emotional and physical health, life, healthy behaviors, work environment and access to healthcare resources. While HealthyU, HealthyU Fit, and the Platinum Climb certainly help, Lincoln Industries culture of wellness was thriving before these resources existed. Its people are the reason for its success.

Production Planner Ryan Sieler has found the wellness program to be invaluable. Prior to working at Lincoln Industries, Sieler's attitude was often negative and which he blames on his poor lifestyle choices.

“After my first child was born I made a decision to make my health a priority,” he said. “Choosing to adjust my lifestyle was especially impactful. I went back to school and successfully obtained my degree providing further opportunities in my future. With everything that Lincoln Industries offers, there is really no excuse not to feel your best and live your best life.”

Sieler is only one example of lives changed through Lincoln Industries wellness program. With continuous support from programs and people at Lincoln Industries, every person has the opportunity to make adjustments to improve their quality of life.

“Lincoln Industries rises to the challenge in everything we do. Wanting our people to live their fullest and healthiest lives, is only one part,” concludes Knudson.

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