HealthNEXT proves correlation between a health workplace and business success

Lincoln Industries group summits Mt. Democrat in Colorado, one of three summits on the 2016 annual mountain climb.The benchmark has been set. And Lincoln Industries is it.

HealthNext is a research and consulting firm that benchmarks and develops high performing, healthy workplace cultures. Through a recent assessment, they’ve established Lincoln Industries as a benchmark company.

HealthNEXT has been conducting research for years that shows how a healthy workforce can impact business success.

Recent studies prove the correlation between a healthy workplace culture and stock market improvements. In addition, they’ve found that a healthy workforce reduces waste, lowers medical costs and scores higher in performance output and quality of products or services.

In September 2016, they conducted an extensive assessment of Lincoln Industries’ health and wellness program and determined that our culture of health would set the mark for companies across the country.

As a part of their assessment, HealthNEXT conducted onsite interviews, onsite auditing, document review, benefits review and more. In November, the HealthNEXT team met with Lincoln Industries executives to present the results. Lincoln Industries achieved a score of 695, putting us 45 points ahead of the 650-point threshold needed to be established as a benchmark.

Assessed on 10 different categories, Lincoln Industries scored extremely high in the areas of People and Management, Health and Wellness Plan Design, Environment and Health and Wellness Activities.

Being established as a benchmark puts Lincoln Industries in a strong position to see the financial and productivity results that are achieved by having a happy and healthy workforce.

Manager, Safety, Health and Performance, Greg Howe has been developing Lincoln Industries’ wellness program for nine years.

“Being established as a benchmark is an affirmation that we are doing the right things,” Howe said. “We’ve always felt that we have a great culture of health. These results confirm, through evidenced based measurement, that we have set ourselves apart from most other companies.”

Howe developed Lincoln Industries’ current health and wellness program based on The World Health Organization’s Healthy Workplace Framework [see diagram on left]. The model is built on four key factors that impact the health of an organization: physical environment, personal health resources, psychosocial work environment, enterprise community involvement.

“In the last four years we’ve really started using this framework to develop our programs,” Howe said. “In this model, everything is centered around company values, leadership support and people engagement. These are the three things Lincoln Industries has perfected. Wellness was built into our company values from the beginning and leaders have always understood the importance of a healthy workforce. I might steer our wellness initiatives, but the reason we’ve been so successful is that everyone here takes ownership in our healthy culture.”

Extremely unique to Lincoln Industries is their annual Colorado mountain climb, which all Lincoln Industries people can attend if they meet health requirements. Howe refers to the mountain climb as a ‘different and more effective kind of incentive.’

“The reason why the climb works as an incentive is because people have a lasting emotional connection to it,” Howe said. “It’s not a pair of headphones or gift card that people forget about a week later. People work extremely hard and look forward to the climb for months. They are only in Colorado for two days, but when they leave, the memories they make and the feeling of summiting a 14,000ft mountain last a lifetime.”

At the end of the day, Howe believes the personal well-being of each Lincoln Industries person is important to the overall success of the company.

“We continue to focus on measuring the connection between wellness and performance,” Howe said. “Proving that our healthy people have higher levels of performance, productivity and quality is important to our customers.”

“Investing in our people will always be a priority for Lincoln Industries, but I think we are going to continue to see the value it brings to our business growth and our customer’s satisfaction as well.”