Customized High-Heat Powder Coating Line Serves Motorsports Customer's Unique Requirements

Today’s motorcycle riders demand style and performance. Exhaust products must make a bold statement while withstanding the heat of the bike.

Lincoln Industries’ provides many finishes that meet these requirements to the largest motorcycle OEMs in the nation. A new venture with a long-time partner on the Lincoln Industries campus resulted in the development of a new high-heat powder coating line built specifically to serve these customers.

Director, Strategic Accounts, Clint Boothe says the custom built line will make Lincoln Industries extremely competitive in producing motorcycle parts.

“The line is built specifically around mufflers, heat shields and exhaust tubes,” Boothe said. “The customization of the line allows us to decrease lead time, reduce the cost of freight and in some cases become vertically integrated in manufacturing these parts.”

Boothe explains that the high-heat powder coat utilizes nickel plating as a base.

“Being vertically integrated on part production, nickel plating and high-heat powder coating is very unique,” Boothe said. “To our knowledge, we are the only company that can do this.”

Manager, Innovation, Adam Matzner was heavily involved in the construction of this line.

“The line runs differently than any other powder coating line,” said Matzner.“Instead of running continuously, the line is on a timer and the parts are stationary when the robot sprays them. This produces high quality parts more efficiently.”

This project is an example of Lincoln Industries’ dedication to continuous improvement with customer needs as the driver.

Booth agreed. “We worked with our supply base to develop a new solution and invested in capital to deliver significant cost and quality improvements to our customers.”