New high temperature insulation

Lincoln Industries ThermoLincTM Elite will solve a variety of exhaust heat management challenges

Lincoln Industries launches ThermoLincTM Elite, a multilayer composite insulation system targeted for exhaust gas applications up to 1800F. This innovative technology is designed for both diesel and gas engine applications to maintain heat, reduce surface temperature, increase driver comfort, mitigate thermal and fire risks, and to reduce heat on surrounding components. Elite’s thermosetting textile cover and insulation layers allow the technology to conform to complex part geometries and offers easy installation.

ThermoLincTM Elite can be used in agriculture, class 8 truck, motorsports, rail and other diesel and gas engine exhaust applications. A current motorsports exhaust header application showed an insulated surface temperature well below 300F (150C) at approximately 1700F (927C) exhaust gas temp (EGT). This versatile, cost effective, and high performance heat management technology is ready for use in many OEM exhaust applications.

Lincoln Industries offers extensive lab testing per ASTM standards and OEM specifications. Specialized engineers can provide customizable solutions for any heat management challenges.

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