Partnership with Planar a Leyard Company

For 19 days in 2018, the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, were broadcast across NBCUniversal in all time zones. The coverage captured multiple sports, hundreds of interviews, and hours of commentary from the primetime host. Behind the host was a digital display system created by Planar a Leyard Company. And it was affixed to a specialized metal fabrication framing system, crafted in Lincoln, Nebraska at Lincoln Industries newest acquisition, SourceOne.

“SourceOne and Planar engineering teams collaborated on NBC’s production of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016 - this was another opportunity to contribute our engineering experience for the Winter Games,” explained SourceOne’s Engineering Manager Lonnie Schmidt.

Though there are no Olympic games to prepare for in the next year, SourceOne’s partnership with Planar continues. A team recently returned from installing a custom framing system at the CNN news station in New York City.

“This complete studio framing system is one of the largest projects we’ve completed,” says SourceOne’s General Manager Eric Slezak. “Our team made several trips to New York during the installation process to ensure the structure met the customers specifications.”

SourceOne receives design criteria and their team of engineers design the structure to accommodate the studio and build each frame for the structures. Each system goes through fabrication and production including lasering, bending, and powder coating. The team at SourceOne works through projects from the creation to the shipment and installation.

Slezak calls SourceOne a one-stop shop for all their projects. “In addition to our work with Planar, we design equipment to perform specific functions like assembly, packaging, or processing.” SourceOne prides itself on solving customers problems by engineering a solution that will provide them with a machine to meet their needs.

A team from SourceOne will be headed back to New York City in the next several weeks to install a complete studio set of framing for FOX Business.

Lincoln Industries acquired SourceOne in September of 2018, bringing exposure to new industries and projects.