Bringing Together Company Cultures

The acquisition of Southwest Metal Finishing and Inventix Mfg.

Lincoln Industries’ commitment to successfully bring together complementary cultures, is grounded in the objectives of the integration of its new companies.

Lincoln Industries Vice President of Operations Tim Carpenter is working to make it happen.

“Developing leadership will provide us the most value during the first weeks of the integration of our companies,” said Carpenter. “It’s the opportunity to have a positive impact on a large group of people that gets me energized. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with the team in Mexico, and with Clint and Louis spending time with the team in Wisconsin, it’s a great way to work on building trusting relationships throughout the new teams while setting expectations.” 

“When you think about what’s important in our business, it comes down to performance and customer satisfaction. Our approach is using our Beliefs and Drivers to have a positive impact on our people. Our leadership model begins with building trust, sharing information, helping and guiding people to do the right things to effectively serve customers. Transparency in our communication and metrics has been positively received. Through our values we provide our people with a guide, a purpose for their work. Over the years, we have established a very strong culture at Lincoln Industries. We believe that by sharing the importance that culture plays in success, our performance will improve at our acquired companies,” said Carpenter. 

Carpenter believes the people at Lincoln Industries’ new facilities are eager to succeed.

“From a business standpoint, we can learn about, and utilize their expertise in die casting and share this expertise with our customer base in Lincoln,” he said. “The cooperation between the people from Lincoln, Wisconsin, and Mexico has been energizing. I’ve witnessed a ‘want to’ attitude with this group of people like I’ve never seen before. It’s incredible how excited these people are about getting down to the business of serving customers. They have been starving for the resources they need in order to do the right thing, are hungry for leadership, and have a passion to serve our customers.”

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