Lincoln Sets New Environmental Record

Fifteen years of perfect environmental regulation compliance makes us unmatched in the industry.

It was 25 years ago when the president of a Fortune 500 company visited Lincoln Industries. Half way through the tour of the facility, he turned to Lincoln Industries Chairman Marc LeBaron, and said, “You’re not in the plating business, you’re in the environmental business.”

He was right. An uncompromising commitment to the environment is core to the values that have guided Lincoln Industries. As a result, Lincoln Industries’ environmental performance is unmatched in the industry.

This month, the company achieved another milestone in its environmental record – 15 years of perfect compliance to the environmental regulations that every finishing company must meet. Director of Environmental Services Rick Dickey believes this success is the result of dedication and cooperation between the people of Environmental Services and Operations. 

“The city samples us 16 weeks throughout the year,” said Dickey. “There are seven metals we must be within compliance. The water we discharge must be clean to national standards. With no violations in 15 years, we have passed 1,200 analyses of our water.”

“Fifteen years ago, our area was called the Pollution Room,” he said. “Knowing we don’t have pollution, we changed the name to Waste Water Treatment and then later to Environmental Services. More than the name changes, new processes and new attitudes have made the biggest difference in our success. And neither a fire nor a flood were able to derail our perfect record.”

Lincoln Industries President Bill Ellerbee says the company’s environmental performance is the gold standard by which the company measures all other performance.

“People say that perfection isn’t possible, but our ES team has shown us that doesn’t mean you don’t strive for perfection,” said Ellerbee. “While it’s become expected, at the end of the day, they never stop reaching for the next rung on the ladder. They are always working to get better.” 

“We have a strong team of nine people with a total of 161 years of experience,” said Dickey. “We also have outstanding teamwork and communication between shifts. This is a group with a huge amount of pride in their work, and who come to work every day with a perfect compliance mentality. They know every detail is important and know they can’t lose their focus.”

“Operations has also played a role in this success,” he said. “They have done a great job following procedures and schedules. They are a true partner.”