Thermal Solution for Maximum Engine Performance

Lincoln Industries technology cools UTV exhaust system up to 560 degrees, offering maximum engine performance. 

Lincoln Industries’ Innovation Team has the ability to complete CFD simulation to show the performance potential when two unique technologies are combined. The significant temperature drops, shown in a generic 4-cyclinder application, dramatically improve rider comfort, protection of surrounding components (like wire harnesses, bushings, etc.) and maximum engine performance.

ThermoLinc EliteDesigned for engine applications where temperatures up to 1800F are common, ThermoLinc EliteTM is a multilayer composite insulation system that keeps heat in the exhaust pipe to protect surrounding components from high temperatures. ThermoLincTM Escape is a thin coating that safely and strategically removes heat from exhaust systems.  

Combined, Elite and Escape greatly reduce the temperature of the exhaust system so the engine can be tuned for maximum performance. CFD models show temperature drops at the manifold between 47-75F, at the header elbow a drop of 500F and before the muffler a drop of 559F.  ThermoLinc Escape

Based on OEM’s CAD detail, Lincoln Industries can simulate results and build sample systems that best match the needs of the specific application – this eliminates trial and error, numerous heat shields or stick-on material and offers a high-end, solution for the most rugged and grueling applications.

This versatile, cost effective and high performance heat management solution is ready for use in many Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM exhaust systems.