Introducing Blake Ritter, Resident Customer Service Eningeer

 This article was featured in our June 2016 Catalyst newsletter.

Blake Ritter sees himself as the voice of the customer. As one of three Lincoln Industries resident engineers who work inside a customer’s facility, Ritter serves as a key point of contact for both the customer and Lincoln Industries.

"As a resident engineer at Harley-Davidson’s Kansas City facility, I monitor all of our cosmetic and functional parts. When there is an event, I gather information so that we can respond accordingly."

Ritter joined Lincoln Industries in 2012 after earning his industrial engineering degree at the University of Nebraska. He believes success in his role is the result of a strong relationship with the customer.

"I work with people throughout their facility, but primarily the Supplier Quality Group," he said. "By building strong relationships with these people I have the ability to understand the customer’s wants and needs and communicate this back to our people at Lincoln Industries. It allows both companies to perform at a high level."

Since joining Lincoln Industries, he has not only embraced the customer service model here but also the company’s strong wellness culture.

"It’s clear that our wellness programs benefit our company with higher productivity and higher morale," he said. "It’s something that matches my personal values and therefore benefits me in many ways. I use our fitness facility regularly and find it’s great to have a place where I can go and relieve the stress of the day. "

Wellness Manager Greg Howe says that people are introduced to the company’s wellness culture during their first week on the job.

"Blake is someone we refer to as a quiet wellness leader," said Howe. "He’s not a rah-rah kind of guy, but he leads by walking the talk. From his first days at Lincoln Industries, he has embraced our wellness culture. His enthusiasm means he makes sure he follows a regular workout schedule. Because he works at a remote location two days a week, he can’t participate in every event, but he tries to plan his schedule to participate in as many as possible. He serves as a great example for other Lincoln Industries people."

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