A Proactive Approach to Customer Service

This article was featured in our June 2016 Catalyst newsletter.  

What do the best customer service people have in common? Luke Sanders and Trevor Hanson believe it’s the ability to expect the unexpected. And when the unexpected arrives, immediate technical support is provided.

"We’re proactive in our approach," said Sanders, Manager, Strategic Accounts. "When a customer sets a new due date, we know our internal capabilities and work with Operations to make the necessary adjustments to meet the customer’s new schedule. Being ready for any changes in the customer’s timeline is key to performing this job effectively."

Sanders joined Lincoln Industries in 2003. Before joining Customer Service, he was a project manager for the company’s Pella account and then became instrumental in the startup of Lincoln Industries’ first large-scale assembly project.

"In Customer Service we are responsible for order fulfillment. We manage exceptions with our customers to get the job done on time," said Sanders.

Hanson started his career at Lincoln Industries in Shipping and Receiving. He then worked in Lincoln Industries’ Commercial Customer Service, the group that manages the company’s customers who largely are located within 150 miles of the company. Currently, he is a senior account representative.

"I was 23 when I joined the company 18 years ago and I quickly learned that to be successful you had to care about the customer. You had to take responsibility for getting the job done. We deal with a large number of high volume orders," he said. "Changes occur and are necessary. I always have a clear understanding what the customer needs to be successful."

Hanson believes this attitude of caring is a reflection of Lincoln Industries’ culture.

"It comes from Marc (CEO Marc LeBaron) and others that came before me," he said. "I’ve basically grown up here and all I know is that we accept nothing but the best for our customers. And we will do anything possible to make it happen."

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