Strategic Accounts Delivers Value

 This article was featured in our June 2016 Catalyst newsletter.

As director of strategic accounts, Clint Boothe manages a team of account managers responsible for making sure Lincoln Industries delivers the value our customers expect.

Boothe said within his Strategic Accounts team each customer is assigned an account manager who has the responsibility of building a relationship of trust that is earned by world class performance.


"We work in a highly competitive environment," said Boothe. "What differentiates Lincoln Industries is the high level of service and value we provide. We build relationships with every person at every level of the companies we serve. We remain visible by making regularly planned visits, focusing on building relationships and understanding how we can improve for our customers. As a result, we are successful at building trust. Our customers have trusted us enough to manage their supply chains and execute difficult new projects."

Boothe believes the Lincoln Industries customer satisfaction survey demonstrates our customers’ understanding of the company’s commitment to providing value that no other supplier can.

"We are successful because we focus on addressing our customers’ needs with innovation and outstanding service," he said. "Knowing what is most important and how to address those needs is key to providing value.

"As a company we continue to evolve and focus on new ways to serve customers," he said. "What makes us special is our understanding that taking care of customers is the source of our success. We have never taken our customers for granted and the beauty of the survey results is that our customers tell us they realize our dedication and appreciate it.

"In the end, at the OEM and corporate level, customers want responsible service, quality and delivery. This gives customer service representatives and account managers a common purpose. Our record has been good," said Boothe.

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