A Leader in Wheel Assembly

Business Feb 24, 2021

The team innovated a semi-automatic process and a machine that positions parts exactly where they need to be every time.

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ERP Integration Creates Enterprise-Wide Synergies

Business Feb 19, 2021

An integrated enterprise resource planning system created synergies throughout all business areas.

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Branded Products: A Source of Exceptional Growth

Business Feb 18, 2021

Lincoln Chrome and Khrome Werks found new ways to operate successfully during a challenging year.

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Lincoln Industries Environmental Commitment

Business Apr 12, 2019

Environmental excellence is established in one of Lincoln Industries core drivers: environmental responsibility is our commitment to our communities.

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Behind the Screens

Business Apr 11, 2019

"Customers bring us an idea and we engineer a solution that will provide them with a machine to meet their needs.”

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2018 | A Year of Acquisitions

Business Apr 8, 2019

“Our expanding capabilities will fuel growth for the company for the next decade.”

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Continued Growth at Lincoln Industries

Business Jan 3, 2019

“The SourceOne acquisition expands Lincoln Industries capabilities, market reach, and will strengthen relationships with customers."

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New Certification Opens Doors For Opportunities

Business Aug 7, 2018

“We are proud that we had such a successful conversion to the IATF requirements."

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Lincoln Industries Attends Event At White House

Business Aug 3, 2018

Lincoln Industries was one of 50 companies invited to participate in President Donald Trump’s “Made in America Product Showcase”.

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Bringing Together Company Cultures

Business Jul 30, 2018

“The cooperation between the people from Lincoln, Wisconsin, and Mexico has been energizing."

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