Establishing Lab Excellence

Spark Oct 31, 2019

We are establishing long term goals to understand the differences of the control systems at all locations from analytical labs to calibration to documentation to control methods.

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Partnership with Planar a Leyard Company

Spark May 29, 2019

A partnership with LED video walls company, Planar a Leyard Company, opens doors to new industries.

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Largest Expansion in Company History

Spark May 2, 2019

When we are given solution-based opportunities, we work actively to solve customers' challenges.

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Lincoln Sets New Environmental Record

Spark Aug 13, 2018

“People say that perfection isn’t possible, but our ES team has shown us that doesn’t mean you don’t strive for perfection."

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Innovative Adhesion Technology

Spark Jun 6, 2018

It was called the perfect merger of Lincoln Industries engineering, business development, and innovation capabilities.

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