At Lincoln Industries, we support our people in making smarter, healthier lifestyle choices. We encourage balance between work, home and personal goals. We believe that supporting our people’s health and wellness interests is a sound investment in our company, as the most important asset of the company is the people.


As an organization, we have set ourselves apart from other companies in a number of ways. Perhaps most important is our commitment to the wellness of Lincoln Industries people and their families. It's a core component of our culture. We firmly believe that a happy, healthier workforce creates a better end product.

Others have recognized our efforts as well. We’ve been named one of the 25 Best Medium Companies to Work for in America by the Great Place to Work® Institutemaking the list multiple years running. In November 2007, Lincoln Industries was chosen as a national Innovation in Prevention Award winner by the Department of Health and Human Services for its efforts in promoting healthy lifestyles in its community. Other national recognitions include:

  • C. Everett Koop National Health Award - 2008
  • Governor's Excellence In Wellness Award - 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017
  • American Heart Association: Platinum Fit Friendly Worksite - 2008-2015
  • US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): "Innovation in Prevention" Award - 2007
  • Great Place to Work® Institute: “Respect” Award for Wellness Focus - 2007
  • Partners for Prevention: “Leading by Example” Company - 2007, 2011
  • Center for Disease Control: Worksite Wellness “SWAT” Project - 2005-2007
  • Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA): Platinum Award Winner - 2003, 2006
  • Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces: Global Healthy Workplace Award - 2017
  • American Diabetes Association: Health Champion - 2017

wellness PROGRAM and practices

We try to create an environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice. We give our people the resources and opportunities to help them live healthy lifestyles. In addition, we offer unique incentives to help encourage this behavior.

These incentives include:

  • A company-paid trip to Colorado to climb a 14,000-foot mountain for those who reach platinum status
  • Insurance discounts
  • Team competitions

Overall, the program has paid big dividends for Lincoln Industries. Beyond the obvious health benefits for our people, the Lincoln Industries investment in wellness has resulted in lower turnover, lower absenteeism, higher quality and lower healthcare costs. Our people have also reported that they are better able to care for themselves and their families.



HealthyU is a worksite health center for Lincoln Industries.  The focus of HealthyU is to help reinforce the healthy choices for our people, and to help prevent health risks such as, high cholesterol, weight issues, tobacco use, or to work on improving their health. HealthyU also provides care and treatment for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.

HealthyU is operated by Marathon Health. Marathon Health operates health centers nationwide, with a focus on helping people become more active participants in their own health and health care.



HealthyU Fit knocks down the barriers that prevent you from getting the exercise you need. HealthyU Fit offers a great environment that is clean, energetic, filled with great top of the line equipment and used by a majority of Lincoln Industries people and their families.  Here you can feel comfortable working out in a facility that focuses on helping individuals make healthy choices and reaching their fitness goals. It comes down to the choices you make every day that make the difference in health and wellness. Our goal is to help provide you the tools, knowledge and motivation you need to make the right choices each and every day so you can lead a healthy and active life.

HealthyU Fit offers the following benefits:

  • Onsite fitness center open 24/7
  • Available to our people, their spouses and families
  • A variety of top of the line equipment
  • Available at no cost