Lincoln Industries uses real-time-controlled Frech machines for conventional die casting to help customers achieve design freedom with their zinc die casting components. We offer a full range of conventional die casting machines with locking forces from 80 - 640 tons and full robotic automation.

Frech conventional die casting machines use a real-time-controlled injection system. This technology incorporates multiple speed and pressure settings along a multi-phase injection path, allowing for fast injection speeds and short cavity fill rates with higher pressure for superior part quality.

Frech conventional die casting machines allow for complete process monitoring with SPC capabilities and are capable of decelerating at the end of the injection stroke to eliminate pressure peaks and flash, allowing us to produce flash-free, tight-tolerance and plated quality die castings. Robotic part extraction, servo-driven die spray units, fully programable trim presses and auto-trim press unloaders allow for a fully automated process.