Dear Lincoln Industries People,

The COVID-19 virus continues to seriously impact our personal lives and our business to an unprecedented level.  During these times of uncertainty, we are committed to supporting our people and their families.  For that reason, we have created this page with information regarding unemployment benefits and instructions on how to apply for them.  For other company communications and business updates, please be sure to check your company email.

Please reference the Unemployment Guide and Short Time Compensation Guide to support you in navigating these complex benefits.  These resources can be found below as well as on our Pipeline, which can be accessed from home with your Vista login credentials.

As our CEO and owner, Marc LeBaron has stated, “We can’t control what goes on in the world, but we can control how we respond.” These are volatile times and I am proud of how our people have come together and cared for one another.

-Unemployment Guide (NE Only)

-Unemployment Guide (WI Only)

-Short Time Compensation Guide (NE Only)



Kassy Knudson, Vice President, People Resources


Lincoln Industries
600 West E Street  |  Lincoln, NE 68522