Lincoln Industries yields tighter tolerances and offer multiple options for pulling slides and casting complex features thanks to our performance-enhancing modifications.

The final products you receive from us are flash-free, denser, and have better surface finishes than components generated from standard Techmire die casting machinery. Wiith Lincoln Industries, you get the added benefit of in-house tooling and design support.

Techmire’s unique multi-slide style, hot chamber zinc die casting machines, offer between two and eight slide actions for simple open and close miniature die castings to very complex, tight tolerance multiple core zinc die cast components. Techmire employs parting line injection of the molten metal, perpendicular to the die blocks eliminating the traditional sprue associated with conventional hot chamber die casting thereby lowering scrap costs.


Benefits for Zinc Die Casting

  • Faster cycle times and increased productivity, helping you improve your time-to-market rates

  • Completely flash-free, net shape castings

  • Highly precise, top-quality parts

  • Decreased die changeover time

  • Automatic part separation from runner and in-die degating to eliminate secondary operations, such as trimming, tapping and drilling