Protective solutions 

ArmorLinc™ technologies solve many protection and functional challenges. These technologies enhance the quality, performance and life of products. Each proprietary ArmorLinc™ technology serves a purpose in one or more of these areas: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, friction reduction, lubricity and more. These technologies are used for functional applications in agriculture, heavy duty truck, energy and automotive. 

Lincoln Industries offers extensive lab testing per ASTM standards and OEM specifications. Specialized engineers can provide customizable solutions for any protection and functional challenges. Download more information.


ArmorLinc™ Technologies
ArmorLinc™ VaultFriction reducing and corrosion resistant polymer coating that can replace e-coat.
ArmorLinc™ FortressRack zinc nickel finish with better corrosion resitance than zinc.
ArmorLinc™ FusionDiamond like carbon coating with high wear resistance. 
ArmorLinc™ CombatThin dense chrome finish with low deposit thickness, wear resistance and high lubricity.
ArmorLinc™ ShieldElectroless nickel plating with high wear and corrosion resistance.
ArmorLinc™ PheonixThermal spray with characteristics similar to hard chrome.
ArmorLinc™ GuardHard chrome finish that reduces friction.