Cosmetic solutions

StyleLinc® technologies provide cosmetic solutions to improve product style and provide OEMs a competitive advantage. Each proprietary StyleLinc® technology is distinct in appearance and many provide additional performance benefits such as thermal and UV stability, wear resistance and durability. Lincoln Industries growth is a result of combining our high quality cosmetic finishes and supply chain management expertise to be a single source provider for our customers. Today, our expertise is proven by our continued partnership with customers like Harley-Davidson, Polaris, Rinehart, PACCAR and more.   

Lincoln Industries offers extensive lab testing per ASTM standards and OEM specifications. Specialized engineers can provide customizable offerings for any cosmetic needs. 


StyleLinc® Technologies
StyleLinc® IconHighly cosmetic duplex nickel chrome.
StyleLinc® FrostSatin chrome finish. 
StyleLinc® EclipseHigh temperature proprietary black chrome finish.
StyleLinc® SmokeSatin black chrome finish.
StyleLinc® EdgePhysical vapor deposition finish with superior wear. 
StyleLinc® MidnightBlack, high temperature cosmetic silicone coatings.
StyleLinc® DuskBlack, high temperature cosmetic powder coatings.
StyleLinc® ApexBlack, high temperature cosmetic ceramic coatings.
StyleLinc® SpectrumAnodized aluminum with UV stability and a variety of color options.