As a best-in-class manufacturer of flash-free, zinc die casting components, Lincoln Industries provides parts within a wide variety of part specifications, including weight ranges from 0.002 ounces (1 g) to 7 pounds (3.2 kg), shot weights up to 10 pounds and dimensional tolerances within ± 0.0005 inches.The die casting process yields components of exceptional precision and complexity, even with thin walls and cosmetic surfaces. Allowing for high-speed, simultaneous production of multiple parts and achieving greater strength while using less material makes die casting more efficient than other processes.

Tight Tolerances: Lincoln Industries zinc die castings feature tight dimensional tolerances within ± 0.0005 inches.

Flash-Free, Cast-to-Print Production: Whether your part is functional or decorative, our zinc die casting expertise provides the freedom to create accurate designs.

Increased Production Rates: Zinc die casting improves productivity rates and time-to-market.

Reduced Need for Secondary Operations: Zinc die casting yields an exceptional finish, essentially eliminating the need for trimming, drilling and machining.  

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Our zinc die casting process offers greater quality benefits than other materials commonly used in casting and molding. To produce exceptional components, we use four top-quality zinc alloys — Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA-8 and Zamak 2. These materials exhibit high levels of strength and allow us to create a variety of complex, tight-tolerance parts.

Examples of our zinc die castings include lock components, gear housings, connectors, clamps, automotive rear-view mirror mounts, police road spikes, functional and decorative parts, small engine carburetors, point-of-purchase security devices and more. Specializing in flash-free, net-shape production, we ensure that your zinc die cast components meet your exact design specifications.


  • High-Quality Casting Capabilities: Zinc can achieve tighter tolerances than molded plastics or cast aluminum. Zinc offers a thin wall castability and the ability to cast to print with little to no draft.

  • Superior Mechanical Properties: Zinc features excellent bearing and tensile strength, as well as rigidity.

  • Exceptional Physical Properties: Zinc conducts electricity while dissipating heat.

  • Multiple Finishing Options: Zinc is suitable for a variety of finishing options for cosmetic and anti-corrosion purposes, including: electroplating, overmolding, powder coating, chrome plating, PVD (physical vapor deposition) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition).

  • Environmentally Sustainable: All zinc materials are non-toxic and can be recycled.



Our aluminum die casting process allows for fast production rates, as well as the ability to produce precise, lightweight, high-strength products. Additionally, aluminum die casting allows for production of a wide variety of intricate, near-net shapes and varied finishes.