The largest, most diverse finishing company

Lincoln Industries is the largest and most diverse metal finishing company in the country. With our resources, expertise and history of innovation, large and challenging projects are our strength. Our finishes and coatings provide cosmetic, heat management, protection and functional solutions. By working with our customers from concept to production on difficult finishing projects we are able to enhance the life, quality, style and performance of their products. 

With the largest nickel chrome plating line in North America we are able to plate large parts such as: bumpers, stacks, grilles and elbows. We have more than 30 finishes under one roof and are able to finish nearly any substrate. Our commitment to quality and unique finishing processes allow us to provide unmatched finishing solutions.

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Anodizing Type II

Electropolishing Passivation 
Andozing Type IIIElectroless Nickel Plating Particle Nickel
Black OxideGold Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
Bright NickelHard Chrome Satin Nickel 
CadmiumManganese Phosphate Sulfamate Nickel Hard Chrome 
Decorative Nickel ChromeMetal PolishingTin
Diamond-Like CarbonNickel Chrome Plating on Alumnium and Zinc diecast Zinc (Alkaline, chloride)
Duplex Nickel Nickel/Silicon Carbide

Zinc Nickel



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